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I started Time 4 Toast when I was busy looking for a toaster oven to make life easier for myself. My toaster went kaput and instead of getting another one, I thought maybe a toaster oven is more versatile as I can then use it for various other things. Cooking  is not a favorite activity of mine and if there are appliances that can make things more convenient, save time and easy to use, I’m all for it. So, that began my quest for a countertop toaster oven.

Apart from convenience, I also needed something small that can fit what little space I have in my kitchen. My countertop is already filled with a kettle, rice cooker, pressure cooker and other usual kitchen accessories. Space is a luxury and a small unit will be best for just the three of us at home.

Then, I also liked something that is easy to use so that even my 10-year-old can heat up a pizza himself. So, that means an oven with more pre-programmed options will be good. While the convection option is not a must, it would be good when I’m in a rush on those busy days. At least, dinner could be served a little earlier when I’m late coming home since the convection feature could cut down on the cooking time. But a convection toaster oven is also more expensive and for that, you will have to see if the convenience justifies the extra money you need to pay.

Anyway, in my research, I found that the best toaster oven is not necessarily the most expensive. Even a cheap unit can fit your needs well enough to make it a value-for-money buy. In other words, the features must fit your needs for it to be ideal. There is little point in buying an oven with all the bells and whistles but the functions remain unutilized.

So, what this website hopes to do is to review different toaster ovens by listing their features and their pros and cons to help you decide if it is the one to get based on online customer reviews and ratings. There could be hundreds or even thousands of reviews from buyers for a particular model, and these have been summarized for your convenience on this site. While many other review sites would stick to the most popular or expensive brands, I have tried to include cheaper units as well that could also be worth a buy.

I hope you will find the information that I have gathered here to be helpful and could assist you in your quest for your own toaster oven. If you could come back later to drop your comment on the oven that you have bought, that would be great too. As more people share their experiences, it would go a long way to help other potential buyers who are still confused as to which model they should get.

Thank you for your visit! Please drop by again soon.