Best Oster Toaster Oven

Oster can be considered a mid-range brand name when it comes to toaster ovens. Generally, it has a higher selling price compared to Black and Decker and Hamilton Beach. But it it is still cheaper than Cuisinart and Breville which are considered the premier brands. So, for those who like to get more than the bare minimum and yet, unwilling to splurge on a countertop kitchen appliance, Oster is a good mid-range choice. We have highlighted below 3 of their bestselling models. Check out which unit will make the best Oster toaster oven for you.

Best Oster Toaster Oven

Oster 6 Slice Toaster Oven : Model TSSTTVMNDG

oster tssttvmng toaster oven

This Oster 6 slice toaster oven is one of the bestselling models for the company. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, this is a digital model. Hence, you will have more control and precision in terms of temperature and timer setting. Certain settings like the Pizza function are also pre-set which means it can be very convenient with the keypad controls.

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Secondly, it has a Convection function. This means you can speed up the cooking time, if need be. Thirdly, it has an interior light. This makes it one of the few toaster ovens in the market with this feature. Other models that have an interior light include the Panasonic Flash Xpress and Breville BOV845BSS. But these 2 units cost much more than the Oster TSSTTVMNDG.

What you might not like about this is the keypad. Because you need to push the buttons to get your settings done, the toaster oven may move backwards as a result. In other words, it is not as sensitive as one would have liked. In fact, some people may prefer an analog dial as a result. 2 other minor inconveniences are the toast setting and wire rack. The toast setting is pre-set to 3 but to some users, this is too dark. So, you will need to lower it each time you do your toasting. As to the wire rack, there is no auto-eject feature. You will have to pull it out but unfortunately, there is no stop built in. Hence, you might spill your food if you are not careful.

However, this Oster 6 slice toaster oven is a good toaster oven if you can get over those minor flaws mentioned above. It enjoys high ratings on Amazon and is highly ranked in terms of sales in the toaster oven category.

Oster Extra Large Toaster Oven : Model TSSTTVDGXL-SHPoster extra large digital toaster oven

If you want the best toaster oven for your home, one of the foremost considerations would be the size. The size must fit your needs. So, if you are cooking for a large family, you would naturally need a big toaster oven. This is where the Oster Extra Large Toaster Oven can be an ideal choice for you. It is one of the few in the market that can fit a 16″ pizza.

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If you really need the extra capacity, this is indeed the best Oster toaster oven to buy. This is because it comes with 2 racks. Most models will only have 1 rack out of the box. This enables you to perform multi-level cooking to give you more food at one go. It also has digital controls which is easy to use for most. It works well as a countertop oven and can eliminate the need to fire up your regular oven to save energy and reduce heat in your kitchen during the summer months.

While the size is the main selling point, it is also its main drawback. This extra large toaster oven will take up quite a bit of space on your countertop. Bear in mind that toaster ovens tend to be very hot while in operation. For the Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP, many users have complained that it is excessively so. Hence, it is even more critical that you allow for additional space all round, including the top for the heat to dissipate. So, if you have limited space, it might be better to look for a smaller unit.

The bottomline is there is really a limited number of extra large toaster oven in the market. Since this Oster unit does perform reasonably well for a countertop oven, it is still a great choice for those who need the extra capacity. It is also more reasonably priced compared to the Oster TSSTTVFDDG Digital French Door Oven which is almost double the price of the TSSTTVDGXL-SHP at the time of writing.

Oster Brushed Chrome Toaster Oven : Model TSSTTVSK01

Oster TSSTTVSK01 Extra Large Toaster Oven

Not everyone likes digital controls. It can be a hassle to keep pressing up and down buttons to get the desired temperature setting. But many 6 slice and larger toaster ovens have digital features. But the Oster TSSTTVSK01 is an exception.

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It has 3 knobs for function, temperature and timer. So, it is extremely easy to understand and use. With a knob timer, the maximum time that you can set is usually limited. Thus, a Stay On feature is a must. This Oster brushed chrome toaster oven has it. Hence, you have more flexibility and not limited to the 60 minutes set. It can fit a 12″ pizza and has a Convection function too.

It heats up quickly and cooks satisfactorily for most users. The brushed chrome exterior is also nice to look at. So, it is an appliance that will look good in your kitchen.

The common complaint that we have come across for the Oster TSSTTVSK01 is that it can get very hot when in use. You can also get burned when you grasp the handle to open the door if you are not careful. The dials and wordings are also hard to read for those with poor eyesight. You are given 1 rack with the toaster oven but some people find it flimsy.

The Oster TSSTTVSK01 is not perfect but we feel that it is the best Oster toaster oven with analog dials. It also has fairly good ratings from buyers despite its flaws. This is due to its satisfactory cooking performance for a majority of buyers. After all, great tasting food is what matters to most people when they look for a toaster oven.

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