Under Cabinet Toaster Oven – Black & Decker SpaceMaker

You may be in a situation whereby you just have no space left on your kitchen counter top to fit in another appliance. But still, you need it to toast your bread every morning and prepare your meals in the evenings. So, what can you do? Well, buy an under cabinet toaster oven then. It […]

Black & Decker TRO490B Review – A Black Toaster Oven

Most toaster ovens will have a stainless steel look to match the appearance of most other kitchen appliances. But the Black & Decker TRO490B 4-slice countertop oven and broiler has a black/grey exterior to make it look a little different. Appearance aside, the more important consideration is its performance as a toaster oven. How does it […]

Hamilton Beach 31334 Review – The Easy Reach Toaster Oven

A common complaint about toaster ovens is that it is difficult to access your food because of the small interior and the door which gets in the way. Now, the Hamilton Beach 31334 Easy Reach Toaster Oven has claimed to solve this problem with its door design. So, how does it work? This review will take […]

Oster TSSTTVVG01 Review – Simple 2-Dial Toaster Oven

Small and simple to operate define the Oster TSSTTVVG01 4-slice toaster oven. If you are cooking for one or two people, why invest in a big unit? A small one can be sufficient if you are not too fussy about the features. This review will consider this aspect of the toaster oven and check out exactly […]

Breville BOV650XL Review – A Compact Smart Oven

If you want a Breville toaster oven, you will need to pay a lot of money for it. The Breville BOV650XL compact smart oven is only a 4-slice unit but it costs much more than even large capacity ovens from reputable brands like Oster and Black & Decker. So, is it worth it to pay […]