Breville BTA840XL Review – Die Cast Smart Toaster

When you see the word ‘smart’ in an appliance’s name, you can already guess that it will be full of electronic features. The Breville BTA840XL 4-Slice Die Cast Smart Toaster is indeed a kitchen appliance that will please those who are fond of gadgets and the likes. There is no lever, only buttons to press. […]

Dualit Toaster Review – The Classic NewGen

Fancy spending over $300 on a toaster? Well, there are people who think that the Dualit toaster is worth the high price. In fact, this one simple toaster is even more expensive than the best toaster ovens with a variety of functions from toast to bake. But with such a high price, is it really […]

Cuisinart CPT-440 Toaster Review – Touch To Toast Leverless

If you are into electronic gadgets, the Cuisinart CPT-440 Touch To Toast Leverless toaster may be for you. It is one step up from the traditional toaster with a lever. More modern in design and appearance, it toasts with one touch of a button. There are a few other features that makes this toaster stands […]

Smeg 2-Slice Toaster Review – Retro Style

A toaster need not be a squarish, ugly-looking appliance sitting on your counter top. You can have style even for such a simple everyday appliance. The Smeg 2-slice toaster is one such model. Be forewarned though – the price is much more than what you would usually pay for a toaster. Whether it is worth […]