How To Clean A Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is a very useful appliance in the kitchen. It is compact and can help you to save energy. You don’t have to power up your large oven all the time for daily meals. It is simple to use and can help you to cook a wide variety of dishes. You can bake, roast, broil and toast with most models. But if you use it regularly, crumbs and grime will start to collect on the trays and walls. Hence, it is recommended that you clean your toaster oven often to prevent build-ups. This is also to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard. So, let’s take a look at how to clean a toaster oven. It is less daunting than it seems!

How To Clean A Toaster Oven With Common Household Cleaners

Trays And Racks

Firstly, unplug the toaster oven before you begin. Then, start the cleaning process with the removable parts. Slide out the crumb tray and racks. Discard all the food crumbs into the trash bag before washing. If the trays and racks do not have any stubborn spots and other gunk stuck to them, just wash with some dish soap and a soft sponge like you would a normal dish. Then, wipe them dry before putting them back into the toaster oven.

But if there are grime and other stubborn stains visible, you will need to soak them. Scrubbing with a scouring pad is not recommended because some trays may have a coating that can get easily scratched. So, soaking them is the safer cleaning option.

You can soak the wire rack and trays with some hot water and dish soap for a few hours. If the stains are really hard to get rid off, try soaking it overnight. Then, cleaning will be much easier as the stains will tend to come off more freely.

Toaster Oven Interior

After you have removed the trays and racks, you can start cleaning the oven’s interior. Start by brushing out what you can with a small brush. An old toothbrush is perfect for this task. Basically, you just want to remove all the loose bits and pieces of food and crumbs that have lined the edges and trapped in the corners.

Then, it’s time to take care of the stains and grime on the walls and ceiling. When you cook in a toaster oven, oil and bits of food can splatter all over. Theses can be difficult to remove, especially if you don’t clean your oven often.

So, get ready a sponge or soft cloth. Don’t use heavy-duty scrub pads for this job. You don’t want to destroy the coating inside the toaster oven. Most of these models have a nonstick layer for easy clean-up. So, be careful not to scratch the coating.

Slightly damp the sponge or cloth with a warm water and mild liquid soap solution. Wipe the interior down, including the glass door. If you want to go natural rather than relying on chemicals, you can also try using a combination of water, baking soda and vinegar. Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1/3 cup of water or until you get a consistent paste. Wipe the paste all over the interior.

Leave it to sit for a few hours or even overnight. Then, spray vinegar onto the caked surface of baking soda. Wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel. You should end up with a clean toaster oven after some elbow grease with this method. Some people would use cream of tartar instead of baking soda and vinegar. So, just check what you have in your pantry and start with those.

Toaster Oven Exterior

You can also use a mild liquid soap and water solution to clean the exterior. A vinegar and water mixture is also a good substitute. Wet a cloth with the mixture and give it a wipe all over. If your toaster oven has a stainless steel exterior, you can also use a cream of tartar and water mixture to give it a nice shiny finish. Use a cloth to wipe the paste off once you are done.

Sometimes, a small piece of plastic food packaging might accidentally touched the toaster oven while it is on operation. The heat from the oven might cause the plastic to melt or transfer color stains onto that particular spot. This can also be removed when you clean your toaster oven. Just wipe it with a nail polish remover to remove the plastic and color stains.

Regular Cleaning Recommended

Even if you have the best toaster oven, regular cleaning is a must to prevent build-ups inside the chamber. The best is to clean it after each use after it has cooled down. Or give it a wipe before you power it up the next time.

This is because any grime and stains will get baked in the next time you heat up the toaster oven if you don’t clean it up first. Over time, they will get harder and harder to remove. So, if you don’t clean your toaster oven regularly, it can get very dirty after a while. Then, a lot of elbow grease and time will be needed to remove all the mess.

While there are ways on how to clean a toaster oven that is really dirty as shown above, cleaning it after each use is much easier. All you need to do is to give it a simple wipe with a damp sponge. If there are stubborn stains, just heat up the toaster oven slightly for a minute and unplug it before giving it a wipe. Adding some vinegar to the wipe down helps too. It is definitely easier and faster than cleaning it once every few months.

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