Dualit Toaster Review – The Classic NewGen

Fancy spending over $300 on a toaster? Well, there are people who think that the Dualit toaster is worth the high price. In fact, this one simple toaster is even more expensive than the best toaster ovens with a variety of functions from toast to bake. But with such a high price, is it really the best toaster out there which will make you the perfect toast every morning?

Dualit Classic NewGen Toaster Review – 4-Slice Model


Dualit Classic

This toaster comes with award-winning and patented ProHeat elements featuring a protective covering for the filaments. The manufacturer intends to design a toaster that is virtually unbreakable and so, you will find it much more solid than your typical plastic toaster. Other features of the Dualit Classic NewGen toaster are:

  • Stainless steel body
  • Selector control for the slots
  • Defrost setting
  • Bagel option
  • Mechanical timer
  • Manual eject lever
  • High lift mechanism
  • Adjustable rear foot
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Extra wide slots
  • Sandwich cage and warming rack option
  • Size (approximate): 15″ (W) x 10″ (D) x 10″ (H)

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This model does not have the usual pop up mechanism when your toast is ready. Instead, it has a manual eject lever. Once the toasting cycle is complete, the heating element will switch off but the toasts will remain inside to keep them warm. You will need to press the eject lever to retrieve your toasts. You can also press this lever to check on the progress of your toast without canceling your toasting cycle.

There is a 4-minute timer knob to set your toast shade. The recommended setting for a medium shade toast is 2 minutes. You can also thaw frozen bread using the timer before toasting. To cancel the toasting cycle, you just need to rotate the timer back to the ‘Off’ position. The slots measure 28 mm wide and should fit most types of bread.

The Dualit Classic NewGen toaster has also taken the details into account. One of the feet is adjustable to accommodate uneven surfaces. As for the visual appeal, the toaster has a retro look with a curvy shape and comes in a variety of colors to match every decor including chrome, pink, blue and lime green.

Should You Buy The Dualit Classic Toaster?

  1. Dualit Classic New Gen toasterCommercial grade – This Dualit toaster is designed for commercial use with its toasting efficiency and longetivity. The manufacturer has claimed that the toaster can be used continuously for 8 hours with a 130-slice output capacity per hour. So, obviously, you will be getting a solid toaster that looks indestructible with longer lasting heating elements rather than an appliance that you need to replace every year.
  2. Slot selector – Whether you choose to toast 1, 2, 3 or 4 slices of bread, you have the option to heat up only the required slots. Most toasters will have all the slots heated up although you may be toasting only 1 slice of bread. This can also cause the toast to be uneven when the adjacent slot is heated up but empty.
  3. Manual lever – The automatic pop up mechanism can break down easily after repeated use over a period of time. With the Dualit Classic NewGen toaster, you won’t be facing this problem. The manual lever also makes it convenient to check on your toasts at any time.
  4. Retro style – Like the Smeg toaster, everything looks old-fashion with this appliance. Compared to the Cuisinart CPT-440 with its electronic features, this Dualit toaster is simple with its timer and lever knobs.
  5. Sandwich cage – Although you will need to buy this accessory separately, there is an option there to enable you to make a toasted sandwich with this toaster. You can also use it to toast smaller items. Apart from that, a warming rack is another add-on that is practical for warming up scones, croissants and pastries. These accessories will enable you to prepare a wider variety of food which you won’t find with other toaster brands.
  6. Made in England – When most simple household appliances are made in China nowadays, this is indeed a refreshing change and should appeal to those who prefer to pay more for European-made goods.
  1. Extravagant – At the time of writing, you will have to fork out over $300 for the Dualit Classic NewGen 4-slice toaster on most retailers’ websites. So, you can possibly get 10 cheap toasters for the price of 1 Dualit. Even a Breville 4-slice Die Cast Long Slot toaster costs less than $200 and Breville is a brand well-known for its quality products.
  2. Doesn’t last – Online ratings for this toaster is not as high as one would expect for something this expensive. In fact, some buyers complained that the toaster is defective after a short period of time. Others mentioned uneven toast shades. While there are many positive reviews too, the number of bad ratings should raise alarm bells for prospective buyers.
  3. Big – This model is pretty bulky because of the additional space for the controls at the side. Most 4-slice toasters have a width of about 11″. The Dualit Classic NewGen measures about 15″ wide. So, you do need sufficient space to accommodate this on your counter top.
  4. Difficult to cancel toasting – Because the toaster uses a mechanical timer, you will need to rotate it back to the ‘Off’ position in order to cancel the toasting mid-cycle. Some users have complained that this is hard to do due to the tightness of the timer.
  5. No centering mechanism – While it can fit most types of bread in the slots, you might have problem with thin slices of bread that tends to lean one way or another. This is because there is no centering mechanism for the toaster to keep the bread right in the middle. So, if your bread leans one way, you will end up with an uneven toast. On the other hand, if you like extra thick bagels, you find they won’t fit inside the 28 mm slots either.

You will find Dualit toasters in many commercial establishments like hotels and cafes. Whether you need one like this at home is certainly a big question mark. For one, you don’t need such capacity. And secondly, there is no guarantee this expensive appliance will last you a lifetime as the many negative reviews online have shown.

If there is a reason to buy this, it would be the availability of repair parts to prolong its service life. This is what sets it apart from the modern toasters. While the costs of spare parts and repair fee may not be cheap, it is still appealing to have something that you can repair and re-use than throwing and replacing an appliance every year or two. Furthermore, the promise is there of a perfect toaster with high-grade heating elements and hand-built manufacturing process. So, you can end up with something that could last you beyond 10 years and that will make it worth every penny.

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