Hamilton Beach 31330 Review – Easy Access Toaster Oven

Countertop toaster ovens are typically small in size that there is little room inside to conveniently access your food. So, you tend to end up scraping your hands against the glass door or rack. The Hamilton Beach 31330 is designed for easy access to overcome this problem. This review will try to unearth both good and bad of this Hamilton Beach toaster oven and see if it is worth the price that you pay.

Hamilton Beach 31330 Review – How Easy Is It To Get Your Food Out?

hamilton beach 31330 6 slice toaster oven

There are two parts to this easy access design. First, there is the auto-advance rack feature for the lower level which pulls the rack outwards when the door is opened. This means you don’t have to use a tong or oven mitt to pull it out manually each time you need to remove your food. Second, the glass door is curved. So, when the door is opened and laid horizontally, the concave shape gives you more room to move your hands to access your food compared to a flat design. That is why this Hamilton Beach unit is said to be designed for easy access.

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Other key features of this model are as follows:

  • 2 rack levels – The toaster oven has 2 rack levels with the bottom rack being hooked to the door for the auto-advance feature to work. The rack will slide out about one to two inches when the door is pulled opened. You can use the lower rack for baking and the upper level for toasting and broiling.
  • 30-minute timer – This model has a 30-minute timer that will ring a bell and automatically shut-off when the cooking time is up. You can also choose to rotate the dial to the Stay On feature and let it cook continuously until it is manually turned off. This is to accommodate recipes that take longer than 30 minutes to cook.
  • Toast, bake and broil functions – The function dial has toast, bake and broil to choose from. The temperature goes to 450°F and together with the timer/toast shade setting dial, the cooking process is made simple and quick.
  • Removable crumb tray – The crumb tray is pulled out from the front. The handle is under the glass door to facilitate easy clean-up each time.
  • Fits a 12″ pizza – The dimensions of the Hamilton Beach 31330 are approximately  17.68″ (W) x 14.17″ (D) x 9.02″ (H) . It can fit 6 small slices of bread or a 12″ pizza.

Hamilton Beach 31330 vs 31333

hamilton beach 31333 toaster oven

Hamilton Beach 31333

The main difference between these two models is the convection heating. The 31330 has no convection function while the 31333 does. Therefore, the latter costs about $10 more at the time of writing. Other features, including the size, are very much similar.

However, judging from buyer reviews online, the convection fan for the Hamilton Beach 31333 seems to be prone to failure. So, if you are thinking of getting this model because of this extra function, you are better off with other alternatives like the Black & Decker CTO6335S.

Should You Buy The Hamilton Beach 31330 Toaster Oven?

  1. Good baking results – The oven bakes and cooks well enough. Some buyers have tried baking pizza and cupcakes with it with great results as per their reviews. It cooks fairly evenly with quick heat up too.
  2. Rounded back – This makes it ideal for standard frozen pizzas. Not all toaster ovens have a rounded back, so if you like to dump frozen pizzas into the oven, you will have to take note of its design. The Black & Decker TO1303SB is another model with a curved back wall.
  3. Looks attractive – The stainless steel look and black color combination makes it a very attractive appliance on the countertop. It also has a red color model (31335) for those who prefer a brighter kitchen.
  1. Inexact toast settings – This is typical for models with dials that control both the timer and toast shade. In this case, customers have complained that it is difficult to get consistent results each time as the settings can be very sensitive. There is a very short time window before your toast gets charred and even on the light setting, the toast can come out pretty dark. The alternative is to go digital for more precise settings. The Oster TSSTTVMNDG is one such unit.
  2. Poorly marked controls – A few buyers do not like the contol dials because it is difficult to see the marks or pointers making settings difficult.

As quite a few buyers have pointed out, this is a good oven but it is not really a good toaster. The toast shade is difficult to get right due to the very small arc between the light and dark settings. Thus, it is hard to get a consistent darkness level each time. Alternatively, you could keep watch when you are toasting if you want your toasts to come out perfect.

So, unless you can live with the imperfections of the toast shade setting, the Hamilton Beach 31330 6-slice toaster oven wouldn’t seem to be a good buy. Personally, we would prefer the Black & Decker TO3210SSD because it has a separate toast shade dial. It also has a convection function for faster cooking times.

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