Hamilton Beach Toastation Review – A Toaster And An Oven

There are benefits in having a toaster and an oven in one unit – it saves space and cost. While it may not come with the full array of oven functions, at least it takes care of your toasts and pizzas which is sufficient for many people. For more cooking options, there is the big oven to fall back on. A compact unit is there for the basic jobs and the Hamilton Beach Toastation is aimed at this segment of the market.

Hamilton Beach Toastation 22720 Review

hamilton beach toastation toaster oven

The features of this Hamilton Beach Toastation toaster and oven unit include the following:

  • 1300-watt
  • Extra wide toasting slot
  • Toast shade selector
  • On/Off button
  • Auto shut-off
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Power indicator light
  • Size: 8.86” (H) x 16.22” (W) x 8.46” (D)

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This Toastation has a two-mode operation. There is a lever to switch between toasting and oven function at the top. To toast, you can choose your preferred darkness by turning a dial at the side. Push down the lever like how it is with a regular toaster. Once ready, your bread will then pop up. You can also stop the toasting mid-way by pressing the On/Off button to remove your toast.

The toaster can fit 2 slices of bread or English muffin halves with its extra wide slots. At the bottom is the removable crumb tray to keep your oven clean. Below the toaster is the oven. It can also fit 2 slices of bread side by side. A large wedge-shaped pizza could be a tight fit though as the rack is only about 6” deep. The temperature control dial allows you to heat up the oven to 450°F.

hamilton beach toastation 22708

Hamilton Beach Toastation 22708

Note: The Toastation also has an older model which is the Hamilton Beach 22708. The appearance is slightly different between the two with the older model having a more retro look with its black front and old-looking knobs. Some people do prefer the 22708 because the rack slides out automatically when the door is pulled open compared to the newer Toastation 22720. However, the latter is slightly taller to fit more variety of food.

Check out the video below to view the features in further detail:

Should You Buy The Hamilton Beach Toastation Toaster Oven?

  1. On/Off button – The ability to cancel the toasting mid-cycle makes it easy to get the preferred darkness for your toast. You can also check the status of your toast through the oven glass door which means no more popping the bread up to see how dark they have gone.
  2. Toast easily removable – For a conventional toaster, you will have a hard time getting the toast out if it is stuck inside. For the Toastation, you can easily get the stuck bread out because you will be able to access them through the oven portion.
  3. 2-in-1 – The dual mode and compact design means you are saving space and money at the same time. There is no need for two separate appliances to sit on your kitchen counter top, especially if you have space constraints. Another model with this same concept is the Waring WTO150.
  1. Annoying beeps – A few customers do not like the beeps coming from the toaster oven. The appliance beeps when you plug it in, switch modes and when food is ready.
  2. No timer – The oven operates without a timer which means there is no auto shut-off for the oven function. It only shuts off automatically for the toasting function.
  3. Non-adjustable rack – There is only a single height for the oven rack, giving you little flexibility when it comes to food options. Comparatively, some toaster ovens like the Breville 450XL, have 3 rack-height positions.
  4. No auto slide out – The rack also does not slide out when the door is opened unlike the older Toastation 22708. The Cuisinart TOB-40 also has this same feature which is a convenient addition when removing hot food.

The complaints from users for this toaster and oven unit are actually quite varied. Apart from the cons listed above, some claimed it doesn’t heat and brown toast evenly. Others think the heating element is too far from the food that it takes a long time to get them ready. Thus, it is certainly not one of the best toaster ovens in the market.

There are also quite a few who think the older model is a better bet because the new one is of poorer quality. So, is it any surprise that the model 22708 is selling for about $10 more than the newer 22720 online? Yes, that is what we found out when we were writing up this review.

The main benefit that we see for the Hamilton Beach Toastation 22720 is its space-saving concept. It works but it won’t do a perfect job of baking and toasting. If you are not fussy about the performance and want an economical and space-saving unit, then go for it. Otherwise, you are better off with 2 separate appliances that are designed to give you better toasting and cooking results.

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